Minimal Street lighting

Central Park Leopardstown in Dublin is home to many well known Businesses including Bank of America, Sage, Vodafone etc.  At the entrance, there is a well known Clayton Hotel (Previously Bewleys Hotel).  This large office park has recently had its lighting refurbished.  Part of this involved a complete replacement of the existing Street lighting including the Poles.  The new Klif Streetlights supplied by VeeLite are minimal in size and appearance and connect seamlessly with the Conical Poles.

Minimal Design Streetlights

Minimal Street lighting

Nightime Streetlighting

Pictures show 2 areas where 6m Conical Poles carry a single 50w LED Street light.  There are several other areas/streets where other wattages and heights are used (70w or 140w). The entrance area from the nearby Dual-carraigeway uses 8m Columns.  Click for Product details.   A twin Version is shown below.

Twin Street light architectural

Pictures below show Plaza area which are illuminated by an array of Floodlights mounted on a Pole.


Nightime-Plaza-lighting Pole

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