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Architectural Area Light (905)

The OptraLED is a high performance area light using LED optics to illuminate large car parking areas.

For new Projects, typically 1 fitting will illuminate 112 parking spaces, or an area of 50M x 50M. Minimise column clutter (by maximising spacings). Wattages to 495w LED. Symmetric and asymmetric version.

Construction: Die Cast aluminium, flat glass optics (ie. no uplight). IP65.

Access: Modules and Driver are serviceable for maintenance or future upgrade.

LED Module:
Ex. 420w LED on 700mA Driver.
Lifetime: L70/B10*
15°C – 100,000 hours
25°C – 100,000 hours
35°C – 96,000 hours
* ie. At Least 90% of the LED modules are producing 70% Lumen output.

Driver: For 420w version – 3 Drivers.
Lifetime (<10% failures)
15°C – 100,000 hs
25°C – 100,000 Hrs
35°C – 100,000 Hrs

Driver(s): Mounted in a separate gear housing fixed to the top of the luminaire. Removeable spinning allows for quick access to drivers.

Installation: Tripod includes a Mastfitter to take a 76mm Pole/Spigot.  The Luminaire is also available in Post-top Version (without Tripod) or in a Side-Arm version.

LED: 210w to 495w LED. 4K as standard,
3K or 5K on request.

Finish: Grey RAL 9006 as standard. Other colours on request.

Options: Area or streetlight optics, DALI, Bi-Level and 1-10V Dimming, Photocell.

Manufactured: Ireland.

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Product Leaflet/Photometrics:  Register on Website or contact Sales office.

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