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LED Retail Light (613)

The Retail Series LED is designed for use for in retail, commercial or industrial open areas, canteens, etc. It is available in 3 sizes.

Suitable for use with sensors (integral or remote) for occupancy or daylight control.

Construction: Aluminum with Tempered Glass Lens. IP20. Wide Beam Optic as standard (80° x 100°)

Mounting: Suspended.

Finish: Silver and White.

LED: 60w – 400 W LED. 4K. Nichia.
Ambient temperature: -25°C to 40°C.

Lifetime: L70 > 50,000 hrs.

Sensor controller system: An optional narrow beam occupancy sensor can be mounted on the luminaire.

Typically, fittings will remain on while area of sensor coverage is occupied, then switch off automatically, after preset time delay when area is vacated.

– 336 x 307 x 61mm (max 90 W)
– 621 x 307 x 61mm (max 240 W)
– 906 x 307 x 61mm (max 400 W)

Options: Wide 60° Beam or Narrow 30° Beam. 3K or 5K Colour Temperature.

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

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