Architectural lighting

We provide a lighting design service for suitable Projects.    See example of lighting Design calculation.

Examples of Architectural lighting Projects are shown below.  

BELOW:  Titanic Quarter and Building, Belfast – Street Lighting

Street Lights Belfast


Apartment Block External Lights

Architectural Street Lights

Linear Groundlights

External Architectural Lighting

External Architectural Lighting

Illuminated Wand Lighting

Nightime-Plaza-lighting Pole

Bridge Floodlighting

Bridge Lighting

External Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting

If you have a Project, we can assist you with, please  email the drawings to me at: [email protected]   or ring me at 051-875399 to discuss further.  Thanks for your interest.

Antoinette Cleary (Toni), Marketing Manager, VeeLite/


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