Budget Car Park Lighting

The largest Shopping Centre in Limerick is illuminated with VeeLites Supralite Car Park Luminaires.  These Car Park Lights are designed specifically for Car Park lighting and 1 Luminaire will typically illuminate an area of 50M x 50m.   The Supralite was typically offered with HPS or Metal Halide Lamps (Bulbs), which have a life of 30,000 hours and 40,000 hours respectively (for long life versions).  VeeLite also manufactures 2 replacement LED Luminaires which provides the same light levels and offers typically 50% energy savings.

Retail Parking Lights

For Budget Car park Lights, the Supralite provides a very competitive initial project cost. It is a particularly efficient solution on Projects which have lower operating hours, for example where Lights are switched off at 9pm or mid night for example.  In this situation, the operating/electricity costs of each light are typically €50 per year*  with a 9pm Switch off.  Instead of having to replace the entire Luminaire every 50,000 hours (typical for most LED Products), a simple Lamp (Bulb) replacement is all thats required which is much easier and cheaper. The Luminaire can then continue for another 30,000 or 40,000 hours, or 20 -30 years.  Because of these features, the Supralite is ideal for Budget Car park lighting.

*January 2019

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