Upgrading Sport Floodlights

LED Sports Floodlighting

LED Streetlights in N Ireland

Northern Ireland Streetlight

Decorative Retail Pendant

Low Glare Decorative Pendant

EU findings on LED safety

Concludes no evidence found of health hazards

US Doctors on LED

Recommend 3K max colour temperature for external lighting

ILP Exhibition Dublin

Local Authority Lighting Exhibition Dublin March 2017

IP68 Exterior Strip light

Supplied to exact measurements and provides up to 400 lumens per Meter.

LED Area Light on Tripod

LED Car park lighting with max Pole spacings and minimum column clutter.

Architectural LED Street light

Form & Function - Architectural Street Light integrates seamlessly with Pole

LED Light for Large Car Parks

LED Replacement Introduced for popular Supralite Car Park Light.

LED Large Area Floodlight

Robust LED Floodlight, or High Bay for external or Internal large area lighting.

Square Recessed LED Light

Recessed LED Replacement for 400w Metal Halide.

Low Glare 200w LED HighBay

200w LED High Bay with with low glare optics.

CleanBay – now with LED

Semi-recessed CleanBay with 200w LED optics for new or refit Projects.

LED High Bay Light

LED HighBay in 4 wattages to 110w LED with wide, narrow or aisle optics.

LED Street light

High efficiency LED Street light upgraded with expanded Wattages.

LED Car Park Lighting

LED Post-top Luminaire for illumination of car parks, Pathways, pedestrian areas, etc.

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