CleanBay – now with LED

CleanBay LED

The CleanBay,  widely used in Food Industry lighting, is now available with 200w LED optics for new or refit Projects.  Typically installed in Insulated panel ceilings, the Cleanbay has a stainless steel trim and an acrylic prismatic lens.   These features are usually necessary in the Food processing Industry as glass lenses are not allowed (due to danger of broken glass entering Food or expensive machinery) and an aluminium trim would usually be attacked by corrosive atmosphere.  In some Projects, we supply higher grades of stainless as a result of extra corrosion.   Once installed, access to the Luminaire is from above the ceiling.

Typical Projects in the past were with 250w or 400w Metal Halide lamps.  These are still offered, but in most instances, the 200w LED will provide a better payback as energy costs and maintenance will be reduced significantly.   Several Projects have been installed, examples shown on this website include ABP Foods.

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