Container Crane Floodlights

Container Crane Floodlights have unique requirements, typically including very high installation heights, a corrosive/marine atmosphere, difficulty in access and a requirement for high light levels and narrow beam optics.  VeeLite has manufactured specialised Floodlights for this application for over 40 years and our ‘WideLite F Series‘ Floodlight can be found in Harbours and Ports throughout the World.  In the last year, a replacement LED Floodlight has been introduced and several Projects have been supplied and installed.  This new LED Floodlight is called our ‘Cranelite‘.

The Photo below was our first installation in 2018 in Waterford Port.  The lighting here was previously HPS type and this has now been completely replaced with LED Floodlights.  Working with the Port Authorities and feedback from the Cab Operators, the system was tailored to suit requirements.

Crane Light LED

LED Floodlights on Container Crane

The photo below shows one of our older installations in Dubai.

Container Crane Floodlights

The new Cranelite is designed to replace each F Series 1000w Metal Halide Floodlight was a 300w LED version Cranelite.  The Life of the LED Cranelite is designed for 100,000 hours, which is generally twice that of most Floodlights on the market. The Driver is generally the weakest component in an LED Lighting Product, so we have designed the CraneLite in such a way that the Driver can be replaced on site and even in-situ – ie. You can change the Driver without removing the Floodlight from the Crane.  In addition, we use a standard well known Driver, with IP67 rating and a 100,000 hour life, that can be purchased any where in the World and without being dependent on VeeLite.

Of course, we are happy to supply Drivers, but the point is that you have an option.

The LED modules can also be replaced on site, but probably on a Bench, as there are many screws to be removed for access. Again, the customer can use a range of replacement modules available on the market without recourse to VeeLite.

Crane Light LED

The LED Cranelite is suitable for most Container Crane applications and is offered with a 10 Year limited Warranty as standard.  Prices and other details on request. We also offer a free lighting design (calculation) service to determine how many Floodlights are required and what light levels will be achieved, or we can provide the Photometrics if you prefer to do this yourself.

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