Decorative LED Street light

The  ‘Merrion’ Luminaire is available in 2 sizes with high performance street lighting optics.  The advantage of  wider spacings will save on the number of Poles and Luminaires needed, and also on installation, energy and maintenance.  Both sizes are offered with 40w or 80w LED optics and the larger size also has 115w LED option.  Various control systems are offered.  Metal Halide or HPS optics  also available.  Manufactured by VeeLite in Waterford including the Metal Housing from our in-house die-casting aluminium Plant.

Several Hotels, Retail Outlets, Public Roads, Industrial Parks etc have been supplied.  A project in Strasbourg, France for a local Authority were supplied in a Ruby Red finish.

Decorative LED Street light

Merrion with Swanneck

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