Decorative Street Lights

With Conical Tapered Columns and integrated Streetlights, this decorative Local Authority Street Lighting scheme is located on the Kilmacud Road in Stillorgan.  Providing efficient LED lighting at night time and attractive appearance during day time, the Project provides an optimum street lighting solution.

Local Authority Decorative Street Lights

In general, the Lighting Poles are installed along the edge of the Footpath, furthest from the Public Road, and have only 1 ‘Klif’ Series Streetlight on top. 

However, where suitable, a second ‘Klif’ Light is installed midway up the Pole, and pointed backwards to illuminate an adjacent Car parking or Pedestrian area.

Local Authority Decorative Street Lights


Local Authority Decorative Street Lights

Architectural Road Light

For Local Authority Street Lighting projects, VeeLite offers both Photometrics to Engineers to design their own lighting schemes, or alternatively a lighting design service, where VeeLite will provide the initial layout to the relevant public street lighting standards.

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