Drive-In Restaurant

Car Park Lighting recently installed outside Drive In Restaurants at Liffey Valley, Dublin.  The main Restaurants are KFC shown and Burgerking which is in a similar Building opposite (to the left of photo, not shown). The Lighting consisted of Streetlighting to illuminate the internal roadways, the car parking areas and the Drive Thru areas next to the Building.  As a Drive In restaurant, there are car park spaces available to stay and eat without leaving the Car.

Car Park Lighting

Car Park Lighting

Car Park Lighting

This lighting scheme was designed for the relevant lighting standards.  The lighting Poles and finish are designed to match the Metal structure in the centre of the Car park, which is also adapted to accommodate some of the Street lights.  These LED Streetlights are used widely on public roads, especially residential roads, in addition to car parks and other commercial areas.


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