Food Processing Light

A food processing light has special requirements and restrictions. A glass lens is forbidden as a breakage could contaminate food and machinery and there are well known stories about expensive machines being scrapped due to the breakage of glass over them.  A food processing light usually needs to be dust and dirt tight and sometimes to be capable of being washed down. Sometimes there is a requirement that there are no flat surfaces on which dirt can accumulate.

Food Processing Light

The luminaire used in Hilton Meats have the advantage of being dust and water tight, have an acrylic lens (which has passed a lamp rupture test) and a protected lamp (ie. a lamp which has a double envelope so if it fails (explodes), only the inner envelope is broken and fragments are contained).   A non-protected lamp may break and burn through the lens. The control gear can be supplied as part of the luminaire or can be remote (for easier access).

These advantages are in addition to the usual industrial lighting advantages including the high performance optics, the good uniformity at wide spacings,  the long life lamps (usually 20,000 hours +) and the maintenance friendly gear.

Similar food processing light projects have been completed for Wessex Foods in Norfolk, ABP in Shropshire, AIBP in Louth, as well as numerous other food processing companies including Nestle, Dairygold, Cadburys, Glanbia, Avent, etc.

A recessed version is available designed for insulated panel ceilings. This has the advantage of access for maintenance from above the Ceiling.  An LED version of this luminaire was introduced in 2015 – see Product details.  This LED food processing light provides approx 50% energy saving and was recently installed at ABP Clones. To see a suspended Pendant LED HighBay version of this luminaire – see Pendant Project. The pendant version is typically installed between 5m and 10m height and we offer alternative options for buildings with heights in excess of 10m.

Other Northern Ireland Projects include Titanic Quarter in Belfast, Magherafelt High School, Tesco Lisburn, Ballymena Hospital, etc.

To get a detailed Proposal for your Food Processing light project:

Please send Autocad drawing by email. There is no charge or obligation for suitable Projects.
We will calculate the number of light fittings required and advise light levels. We will advise where they should be located and the cost of the Equipment. Other lighting may need to be added for emergency or adjoining areas.

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