High Mast Floodlights

SuperValu in Waterford recently upgraded their old High Mast Lighting system to new LED Floodlights.  The old HPS High Mast Floodlights provided a yellowish coloured light but the new lighting provides a crisp white light colour.  Due to the height, standard Floodlights cannot be used for High Mast projects because the Light distribution pattern is usually inadequate.  VeeLite provide lighting calculations to determine the most suitable Floodlight version to use, advise what Light levels will be achieved and whether they will comply with Lighting standards.

Photo of High Mast Lights at Night time

The new Lighting system only required 4 Floodlights to replace the previous 8 Floodlights.  As well as a significant Energy saving, there is also a maintenance saving with relamping no longer required.

Close Up Photo of High Mast Floodlights



The old HPS type Floodlights provided a yellow/orange coloured Lighting.  These are being removed and replaced with the new LED High Mast Floodlights.

Photo of Old HPS High Mast Floodlights

Please contact VeeLite if you would like a Proposal for either your new or refit High Mast Lighting Project, or any external lighting Project.

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