Illuminated Light Columns

Illuminated Light Columns were installed at the Retail Centre at Charlesland,  Bray, County Wicklow.  The 4 illuminated light columns (or ‘Wands or ‘Light Sticks’ ) are Luminaires  as well as Poles and add a decorative feature to the entrance area as well as attracting the attention of passing traffic.

These Wands are usually supplied in Stainless Steel with a brushed or polished finish. They can also be supplied with a RAL finish, typically Black or Grey.  The illuminated light columns shown in the photograph have a Grey RAL finish.  The Lens can be supplied in frosted (typically) or clear Polycarbonate.  Typically supplied in a 4m overall height, but with an option of any height to 5m.  This Luminaire is also available  to operate with LED or with LED colour changing as an option.  As they are a bespoke Product made to order, several variations can be made.  For example, a scheme of Wands could be made with increasing or decreasing height or with different colours etc.

Illuminated Light Columns

Other Applications which have installed these Stainless Steel Wands include Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Tallaght Town Centre, Ballincollig Cork Garda Station, Gladstone Street Waterford, etc. This website also shows a Dublin Garda Station with similar lighting.

We also supply Stainless steel Bollards and Stainless Steel Ground lights to compliment the illuminated light columns above.

Other similar types of illuminated wands are supplied – eg Illuminated Column – recently installed in Market Street, Maidenhead (England).  Several of our Bollards can be supplied in heights up to 4.5m (depending on Product) such as the LED Bollard or the S Bollard.

To get a detailed Proposal for your illuminated light columns project:

Please send details or concept drawing by email. There is no charge or obligation for suitable Projects.
We will advise cost of the standard illuminated light columns and the extra cost of any modifications required. Other lighting may need to be added for landscaped areas or to add decorative architectural effect.

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