Inground Pathway Lights

Fifty inground Pathway lights, 5w LED asymmetric version, were installed along the edge of the 1Km Doneraile Walk overlooking Tramore town and Bay.  By using recessed groundlights to provide the illumination, the attractive scenic walkway was not cluttered by Poles or Bollards and glare and light spill is minimised.

These LED inground pathway lights are located just off the walkway so there is minimal trip or slip hazard.  With a die cast construction and only a small vertical lens, it is difficult to vandalise or break accidentally, which is often a problem with Groundlights.  Due to the smooth curved housing, the inground pathway lights do not attract or accumulate dirt, leaves or debris so the light output is not restricted.

These inground pathway lights are supplied with a separate installation cassette and are available in 4 sizes, with wattages from 1w to 20w LED.  Beam optics are single Beam/Asymmetric (as above); 2 Beam/Bi-Symmetric or 28 Beams/Symmetric.

Inground Pathway Lights

Inground Pathway Lights act as Beacon lights. These Groundlights can be seen in the distance and indicate the outline of the pathway. Where local surfaces are bright (concrete or gravel), there will be greater illumination and the Path, Walls or other Pedestrians will be more visable. The Product leaflet Pathway Series contains further details.

Other types of Groundlights or recessed Inground Lights are available to illuminate Building Facades, trees and shrubbery, highlight statues or other features and can be supplied with light output other than the usual white, for example RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or various combination colours.

To get a detailed Proposal for your Inground Pathway lights project:

Please send Autocad drawing by email. There is no charge or obligation for suitable Projects.
We will calculate the number of light fittings required and advise light levels. We will advise where they should be located and the cost of the Equipment. Other lighting may need to be added for landscaped areas or to add decorative architectural effect.

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