Installation of Ground Level Luminaires

Choose luminaires suitable to location and circumstances of your project and pay attention to the following potential hazards:

1. Burn – The lens temperature on older lighting (Incandescent, Metal Halide and HPS) is usually hot enough to burn skin. Children may be a special concern, or even animals. LED or compact fluorescent luminaires usually have lower lens temperature, but may still be hot enough to burn.  Note this may even happen when the Light is switched off.  For example, on a hot summer day, the Metal parts of the Light may get heated.

2. Slip – If luminaires are located in pathways or other areas where people may walk on them, they may constitute a slip hazard. The size of the glass lens will be a factor the larger the lens the greater the risk (especially when wet).

3. Trip/Obstacle – If the luminaire is a ground light and is not flush mounted, it maybe a trip hazard. If it is a larger luminaire (Bollard etc), it should be located so it is not a potential obstacle which Pedestrians/Bicycles/etc may hit and which could result in injury.

4. Glare – Care must be taken with choosing optics and lamps and with positioning/aiming to avoid disability glare and minimise discomfort glare. Locating away from pedestrian paths and behind plants & bushes may minimise this problem. This may also reduce accidental breakages and vandalism.

5. Safety – Mains electricity supply (220v-240v) can be a hazard in the event of breakage or vandalism etc. Using 12v or 24v luminaires may be a solution.

6. Broken Glass – A broken glass lens caused by accident or vandalism can cause injury. Generally, try to avoid Pedestrian areas. If it is not possible to avoid such areas, then the danger can be minimised by appropriate supervision/inspection and quick repair/maintenance. Appropriate security & maintenance procedures should be adopted.

7. Pooling – Groundlights should not be installed in areas where pooling is likely to occur or where fittings are likely to be under water for long periods, unless this type of installation is specifically allowed by the product. A drainage area should be included under the luminaire.

8. Light Blockage – An external shield or a rockguard on a groundlight can be a trip hazard. However it can also attract leaves and other debris which block the light output and raise the temperature of the luminaire.

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