LED Sensor Area light

A Motion Sensor controlled Area light was supplied recently for Dun Laoghaire Pier in South Dublin. The Optra LED area luminaire uses LED lighting optics to illuminate the general area surrounding a Ramp which leads from the Pier down to a Pontoon.

Microwave Sensors are mounted on the Pole and once movement on the Pontoon, Ramp or Pier is detected, the Optra’s LED lighting module switches on.  After a period of no detection, the luminaire switches off, saving energy. The Luminaire itself has a photocell to prevent daytime switching. A Sensor controlled area light is very suitable when traffic is expected to be occasional and can result in energy savings of 90% or more.

LED Sensor Area light

The Optra luminaire has full cut-off to prevent glare and light spill and is constructed from die-cast aluminium for long life.  As the luminaire is switched off for most of the time, energy savings are estimated at 95% in comparison with a traditional system. LED area lighting for external spaces, when combined with Motion Sensor control, offers tremendous energy savings. Luminaires can be grouped so that all will switch on or off together. In some projects it may be more suitable for the Luminaires to switch to 10% output rather than switch off, to provide a basic safety level of illumination at all times. LED technology is particularly suited to a Sensor controlled area light.

The Optra is available in symmetric, asymmetric or street optic light distribution and can be post-top or arm mounted. A Tripod version is also offered. Finish is Grey RAL 9006 as standard, with other colours on request. This efficient luminaire provides high light levels with good uniformity and at wide spacings, which reduces column clutter. Benefits include complete cut-off, low glare and architectural appearance.

On a smaller scale, we offer LED Bollards as a sensor controlled area light. With these LED Bollards, the Sensors are hidden within the Luminaires.

See LED Carpark Project – St Lomans Hospital

See Details on Optra LED Luminaire.

To get a detailed Proposal for your Sensor Controlled Area light project:

Please send details and Autocad drawing by email. There is no charge or obligation for suitable Projects.
We will calculate the number of light fittings required and advise light levels. We will advise where they should be located and the cost of the Equipment. Other lighting may need to be added for landscaped areas or to add decorative architectural effect.

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