LED Streetlights in N Ireland

The BBC reported in April 2019 that there were approx 50,000 LED Streetlights in Northern Ireland out of a total of almost 300,000 streetlights in Northern Ireland.

In February 2020, the Belfast Telegraph newspaper reported that ‘Northern Ireland’s 12,700 broken street lights will cost £870,000 to fix’.  The Department of Infrastructure currently spends £3.2m on Streetlighting repairs, according to Minister Nichola Mallon.

Decorative Street lights

The above VeeLite Streetlights were supplied ten years ago into Belfast City Centre.  This type of lighting is now obsolete and is being replaced across the Globe Streetlights with LED technology.  The new LED Streetlights look similar to the older Streetlights but have radically different construction.

VeeLite manufactures LED Streetlights for use on Public and Private roadways and typically these have a Life of 100,000 hours.  Because of this long life, a Warranty of 5 to 10 years is offered as standard.  The advantages for the Local Authorities are reduced energy consumption, typically 50% and the virtual elimination of repairs.  The white light provided is often significantly superior to the light from the older fittings, many of which had a yellow colour.

In addition to larger public roads, VeeLite also supplies Road lighting for Residential roads and Housing Estates.  VeeLite offers a Design service which determines how many LED Streetlights are needed, the location and Pole height, the wattage/output, etc.  This is presented in a format acceptable for Local Authority submission and/or planning permission purposes.


In the Republic Ireland, there is believed to be 480,000 Street lights, indicating a total of 780,000 Street lights on the Island.

For further information or a Street Lighting Proposal, please contact VeeLite +353-51-875399

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