LED Strip Lighting

Roche Pharmaceuticals recently upgraded its Ennis Plant using LED Bollards (2 shown below) in Plaza areas, integral LED strip lighting in the Seating feature (shown below) and Optra luminaires for car park areas.

The external IP66 rated LED strip lighting is available in any colour, including white and RGB.  The Strip itself is 25mm diameter Polycarbonate which is a robust material and has vandal or accident resistance. The LED Strip lighting is offered with wide 100 degree beam as standard, with a 20 degree beam as an option.  LED strip lighting is typically efficient with Energy usage on this project at 14w per Metre. The length of Product supplied can be tailored to suit the exact requirement.

LED Strip Lighting

The LED bollards shown are available in either aluminium or stainless steel, can be rooted or flanged, and are suitable for pathways, plazas, gardens or pedestrian areas, etc. Typically these are 16w LED version. We also supply special Versions up to 4.5m height.

The Optra post-top Luminaires (not shown) are designed for the illumination of large car parks or large amenity areas and are typically mounted between 5m and 10m high. They use either LED or Metal Halide technology.

Other applications for LED Strip Lighting include Walls, Buildings and areas (eg. Bridge lighting) where maintenance and access is often difficult.

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To get a detailed Proposal for your LED Strip lighting project:

Please send Autocad drawing by email. There is no charge or obligation for suitable Projects.
We will calculate the number of light fittings required and advise light levels. We can advise where they should be located and the cost of the Equipment. Other lighting may need to be added for landscaped areas or to add decorative architectural effect.

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