Lighting Pedestrian & Cycle Paths

Many of the Greenways will fit within this lighting Category – lighting Pathways and narrow roads for the exclusive use of Pedestrians only, Cyclists only or both, or all together with Motorised Traffic.

The Light levels required are listed from P1 (highest) to P6 (lowest).  P1 light levels will often mean Motorised Traffic, or busy traffic, at higher speeds etc.  Lower standards such as P6 would often indicate Pedestrian or Cycle traffic only, at lower speeds and only occasional traffic.

Average Light levels required (on the horizontal) are 15 Lux Average (P1), 10 Lux (P2), 7.5 Lux (P3), 5 Lux (P4), 3 Lux (P5) and 2 Lux Average (P6). In all cases, minimum/average uniformity of 40% is required.

Additional minimum Vertical Lux levels are needed if Facial Recognition required. These are 5 Lux (P1), 3 Lux (P2), 2.5 Lux (P3), 1.5 Lux (P4), 1.0 Lux (P5) and 0.6 Lux (P6).  There are also other requirements.

To determine what lighting standard is necessary for your Project involves an assessment of the following – Traffic Speed, Traffic frequency, type of traffic, Parking if any, ambient lighting.  Points are awarded for each, these points are totalled .  An accumulation of 5 points would require you to design to P5.  An accumulation of 3 points would require you to design to P3, etc.

Please contact VeeLite and we can forward you the full details including the Calculation Chart.   This is covered in detail by the European Standard EN 13201-2.


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