LED Street light

StreetLED is a high performance LED Street lighting Luminaire, which is tried and tested over the last few years since its introduction.  The Wattages are constantly being updated as a result of constant LED advances in efficiency.  This efficient LED street light is available in 3 sizes.

It currently has 10 wattages to choose from – 14w, 18w and 24w in Small size,   27w, 34w and 48w in Mid size, and 71w, 74w, 97w, 107w, 116w and 138w in Large size.  Colour Temp: 4000K

All with excellent photometrics designed for efficient public roadway lighting – typically ME5, ME4 and ME3 and S classes.   Photocell optional.  A Pendant version is also available.

For retrofit Projects, typically a 35w LED will replace a 70w HPS, etc.

For a costed lighting Proposal, please telephone us on +353-51-875399 or email us at [email protected]LED Street light

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