Restaurant Lighting

The National University of Ireland, Maynooth, has received positive review for its new Phoenix Restaurant. The name was chosen because the Restaurant was rebuilt after the earlier Restaurant was destroyed by fire. Both the internal restaurant lighting and the external lighting was specified by VMRA Engineering Consultants and manufactured/supplied by VeeLite/

The external lighting consisting of high performance Optra luminaires and the internal lighting consisted mainly of SoftBays. Both Luminaires provide high levels of illumination with minimal glare, low energy consumption and low maintenance.

Restaurant Lighting

The Softbay HighBay is ideal for efficient commercial and Industrial lighting such as Restaurant lighting/Canteen lighting, retail lighting, large Hallways, Corridors and Convention centres, cafes, Aircraft Hangars, etc. The refractor is visually attractive, low glare and the uplight element eliminates ceiling darkness.

Previously supplied in Metal Halide version, these Softbay highbays are now supplied in a smaller size with LED optics, typically 100w to 200w LED.

We also supplied the external Restaurant lighting. This consisted of Optra post-top luminaires which are high performance,architectural and low glare. With their wide spacings, there is a reduction in column clutter. Since 2017, a new slimmer LED version is offered.  Columns supplied can be painted to any RAL finish and in different shapes (eg Conical lighting Poles, Tubular lighting Poles, etc). LED luminaires can be dimmed or controlled by Sensors to switch on/off instantly which is sometimes required in Restaurant Lighting projects.

Our thanks for the photos to MDY Construction, Builders of this Restaurant Facility.

Restaurant Lighting

To get a detailed Proposal for your Restaurant Lighting (Canteen Lighting etc) project:

Please send Autocad drawing by email. There is no charge or obligation for suitable Projects.
We will calculate the number of light fittings required and advise light levels. We will advise where they should be located and the cost of the Equipment. Other lighting may need to be added for other internal areas or external areas.

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