LED Large Area Floodlight

Heavy Duty robust LED Floodlight Luminaire for a range of applications, including large area Floodlighting such as Car parks, service yards, Cranes, Ports and Harbours, airports, etc.

This LED Floodlight features dust-tight, heavy duty IP65 construction and high performance LED optics to provide high efficiency lighting. Also suitable for internal  industrial installations such as HighBay Factories, Warehouses, Aircraft Hangars, etc.

Manufactured in Waterford with Die-Cast Aluminium (in our own Plant) with a 5mm toughened Glass Lens and sealing to IP65. Integral or Remote Driver and suitable for Temperatures from – 30°C to +30°C.  The LED module is accessable for future upgrade. The LED optic is offered in 140w, 280w or 350w LED with life up to 50,000/100,000 hours and 4K as standard.

LED Floodlight/LED HighBay

Typically providing 50% savings on high performance Metal Halide fittings.

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