Architectural Amenity Light
Architectural Amenity LightArchitectural Amenity LightArchitectural Amenity LightArchitectural Amenity LightCE Image

Architectural Amenity Light (463)

Double Square section Mast from 5m to 10m height with single curved LED Luminaire, or from 7m to 10m with single or double Luminaire. Mast includes the Decorative Mesh feature.

Construction: Mast: Galvanised Steel. Luminaire: Aluminium. IP66. IK08.

Lens: Tempered glass as standard.

Installation: Flanged – 650mm x 1000mm mounting plate. Access Door 500mm x 100mm, 600mm above ground level.

Finish: Black RAL 9005 as standard. Other RALs on request including different finishes between Luminaires and Mast.

Each Luminaire can take 1, 2 or 3 LED modules. 4K as standard (3K on request).
Each LED module has 16 Cree LEDs with a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. (L85 with 350mA driver). CRI 70+

Driver: 350mA, 700mA, 500mA or 1050mA on request.
Lifetime (<10% failures): 100,000 hrs.

Arrangement Options:
5m Mast: 1 Luminaire, 1 LED module.
6m Mast: 1 Luminaire, 2 LED modules.
7m Mast: 1 Luminaire, 2 LED modules
or 2 Luminaires with 2 + 1 modules*.
8m Mast: As 7m options.
9m Mast: 1 Luminaire, 3 LED modules
or 2 Luminaires with 3 + 2 modules*.
10m Mast: As 9m options.
*Higher Luminaire has the most modules. Luminaires are pointed in opposite directions.

Manufactured: EU.

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Product Leaflet:  Download Product Leaflet

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