Modern Bollard/Column Series
Modern Bollard/Column SeriesModern Bollard/Column SeriesModern Bollard/Column SeriesModern Bollard/Column SeriesModern Bollard/Column SeriesModern Bollard/Column SeriesCE Image

Modern Column/Bollard Series (240/241)

Designer range luminaire for urban plazas, pathways, public and private green spaces, parks and gardens.

Construction: Die cast aluminium housing. IP65. IK10.

Lens: Polycarbonate lens.

Diffuser: Performance reflector as standard. Dark aluminium stacked louvre type for maximum cut-off on request. Clear polycarbonate lens.

Installation: Via Flange Plate to be cemented into ground.

Finish: Light Grey Finish as standard. Anthracite Grey on request.

LED: Available in 26w and 32w LED (bollard version). Available in 39w LED (column version). 4K as standard, 3K on request.

Driver: Internal LED driver.

Options: DALI, RAL colours on request, 3 different heights.

Manufactured: EU.

Product Leaflet:

Download Product Leaflet – Column version, or

Download Product Leaflet – Bollard version

To get a detailed Proposal for your Modern Column/Bollard Lighting project:

Please contact us for Pricing or Design information or to discuss suitability.

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