Stainless Steel Wand
Stainless Steel WandStainless Steel WandStainless Steel WandCE Image

Stainless Steel Wand (max 6m) (285)

Architecturally designed “Wand” light, with stainless steel base and diffuse acrylic lens. Height 4m as standard.

Construction: Root mounted 316 grade stainless steel base 2.2m high with diffused white acrylic lens 1.8m high as standard (3m max SS base and 3m max lens). Total max height 6m.
Mirror cap top. IP65 Optics.

LED: 33w LED 4K as standard (3K on request). Colour changing LEDs on request. LED module fitted near top of stainless base and directed upwards.

Options: Height to 6m max. (ie. 3m Base max and 3m Lens max), RAL finish (over Stainless Steel grade 304), flanged, clear polycarbonate lens.

Product Compliance: EN 60598.

Product Leaflet:  Download Product Leaflet

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