External Car Park Light
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External Car Park Light (903)

This highly efficient Car park luminaire provides high light levels with good uniformity and at wide spacings (up to 6 times the mounting height). Mounting height is typically 6m to 12m.

Although using Metal Halide or HPS lamps, this Luminaire is highly efficient and typically provides wider spacings than LED Products.  This results in less lighting Poles, which in turn  provides a lower capital cost and quicker payback. The Appearance of a Car Park is enhanced by being less cluttered and by having more usable car parking spaces.  With the extended Lamp life option of 40,000 hours, the Product requires minimal maintenance.

Lighting Spacing Diagram

Construction: Impact resistant UV stabilised acrylic outer body with opaque upper half and clear lower half. IP64.

Lamp Access: Lamp access via hinged glazing door with spring loaded fasteners for Supralite.

Installation: Via integral Mastfitter – Max Spigot size: 114mm.

Reflector: Symmetric Square distribution as standard. Optional asymmetric (i.e. reflector has an internal shield on one side to minimise back spill).

Finish: Grey RAL 9006 as standard. Other colours on request.

Lamps: To 600w HPS or 450w MH with single lamp, or to 2 x 250w HPS/MH with twin lamp arrangement. Any smaller wattages or E27 sockets on request.

LED: See separate leaflets, SupraLED (900) or OptraLED (905).

Gear: Ballast is fitted in base of Column as standard. Other methods on request.

Options: Integral Ballast, EON System to provide double lamp life.

Manufactured: Ireland.

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

Photometrics:  Register on Website or contact Sales office.

For further Information: click [email protected]

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