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Architectural Area Light (905)

The OptraLED is a high performance area light using LED optics to illuminate large car parking areas. It is also designed as an LED replacement for VeeLite’s long established and popular Optra Car park luminaire, typically on a 1 for 1 basis.

For new Projects, typically 1 fitting will illuminate 112 parking spaces, or an area of 50M x 50M. Minimise column clutter (by maximising spacings). Wattages to 570w LED. Symmetric and asymmetric / forward throw version.

SupraLED Spacing Diagram

Construction: Die Cast aluminium, flat glass optics (ie. no uplight). Electric cable thru Centre Pipe into Tripod. IP66 Optics/ IP65 Driver Housing.

Installation: Tripod has integral Mastfitter – Spigot size: D76mm x 150mm high.

Finish: Grey RAL 9006 as standard. Other colours on request.

LED: 210w to 570w LED. 4000K CRI>70 as standard, 3000K or other on request.

Lifetime – LED Module:
Lifetime: L90 B10 >100,000 hours @25°C.

Driver: 220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz.
3 Drivers per luminaire mounted in a separate gear housing fixed to the top of the luminaire to keep them cooler.
Lifetime (<10% failures): 80,000 Hours @ 25°C.

Mains Surge Protection: 10kV as standard.

Access: Modules and Driver are accessible for maintenance or future upgrade.

Options: Forward Throw or Streetlight Optics, DALI, CLO/Programmable Dimming, Photocell, Various CCT.

Manufactured: Ireland.

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Product Leaflet/Photometrics:  Register on Website or contact Sales office.

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