Local Authority Road Lighting
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Local Authority Road Lighting (386)

Modern functional LED luminaire, available in 2 sizes. Ideal for roadway applications.

Construction: Die-cast aluminium IP66. Driver and LED Modules are accessible for maintenance or replacement.

Lens: Polycarbonate Lens (IK10) on size 1. Tempered glass lens on size 2 (IK08).

Installation: Luminaire supplied with 76mm mastfitter for post-top mounting as standard. Luminaire available with 60mm mastfitter for outreach/side entry installation on request.
Tiltable: 0, 5° or 10°

Finish: Grey RAL 9006 as standard. Other RAL colours on request.

LED: Available in 11w to 142w LED.
CRI 70 on 4000K (standard). 3000K , 2700K 2200K or Amber on request. Asymmetric street optic A10 as standard. See ordering codes for more details.

Life: L70 B10 >100,000 hours. (at 25°C).

Driver: 700mA as Standard.
350mA, 500mA or 1050mA on request.
Lifetime (<10% failures): 100,000 hrs.

Mains Surge Protection: 10kV device included as standard.

Options: Dimming, DALI, Photocell, various optics available. Heat sink cover available on size 1, wattage needs to be reduced appropriately; Special Version for Marine areas.

Manufactured: EU.

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Local Authority Approved: By many of the Local Authorities. Requirements vary, so please check with VeeLite.  Click for further info.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

Photometrics:  see Lighting Design note.

– 5TCA10GLA  –  20w LED -Street Optic

– 5TCA11GLA  –  36w LED -Street Optic

– 5TCA11GLA-S  –  36w LED -Street Optic – S

– 5TCA11GLB  –  28w LED -Street Optic

– 5TCA11GLB-S  –  28w LED -Street Optic – S

– 5TCA12GLA  –  53w LED -Street Optic

– 5TCA12GLB  –  37w LED -Street Optic

– 5TCA13GLA  –  69w LED -Street Optic

– 5TCA13GLA-FT  –  69w LED – Forward Throw

– 5TCA13GLB  –  49w LED -Street Optic

– 5TCB14GLA  –  103w LED -Street Optic

– 5TCB14GLB  –  103w LED – Forward Throw

– 5TCB15GLA  –  136w LED – Street Optic

– 5TCB15GLB  –  136w LED – Forward Throw

Several other Optics available.

For further Information: click [email protected]

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