Motion Sensor LED Wall Light
Motion Sensor LED Wall Light938-photo of exterior wall light938-exterior wall light photoCE Image

Motion Sensor LED Wall Light (938)

Energy efficient wall mounted luminaire suitable for perimeters, landscapes and yards. Option for built in sensors and/or low output setting.

Construction: Aluminium base with a polycarbonate body. IP65.

Finish: Black finish.

Reflector: High purity anodized aluminium reflector.

Lamps: 26w, 2 x 26w, 42w, 2 x 42w, 70w HPS.

LED: 35w LED, 4K as standard.

1) Occupancy Sensor (on CFL versions). Typical range 6m (Sensitivity can be reduced) and delay of 2 minutes (adjustable 10 seconds to 5 minutes), with default to off.

2) As 1) above, except default to 10% light output.

3) Photocell.

4) Emergency (on max 1x42w or 2x26w versions only). See ordering guide.

Manufactured: Ireland.

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

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