Direct/Indirect Floodlight
176 Indoor FloodlightingDirect/Indirect Floodlight176 Building Mounted FloodlightCE Image

Direct/Indirect Floodlight (176)

ProFlood is an architecturally designed indoor and outdoor luminaire, available in 2 sizes. Options for direct & / or indirect illumination with symmetric or asymmetric reflector or streetlight optic.

Construction: The housing is die-cast aluminium with an aluminium reflector. IP65.

Reflector: Asymmetric as standard or symmetric on request.

Mounting: Directly to wall, with optional wall outreach bracket or column mounting bracket.

Lens: Curved glass.

Lamps: Available up to 400w MH (Double Ended lamps).

Finish: Grey (similar to RAL 7035) as standard. Other RALs on request.

Options: Direct and/or Indirect reflector, streetlight optic, wall bracket, anchorage for column arrangements – single, double and quadruple. Mini Version also available.

Manufactured: EU.

Product Compliance: EN 60598, CE.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

To get a detailed Proposal for your Direct/Indirect Floodlighting project:

Please contact us for Pricing or Design information or to discuss suitability.

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