Recessed LED Ground Light
Recessed LED Ground Light910-photo of LED groundlightRecessed LED Ground LightCE Image

Rectangular Groundlight 9w – 36w LED (355)

Confine Series is available as a linear recessed ground light in several lengths and 2 widths.

Construction: Extruded aluminium with tempered glass and stainless steel trim. IP68. IK10.

Lens: Clear 8mm tempered Glass.

Installation: Separate Installation Cassette supplied with Luminaire. 300mm drainage area needed. Surface Temperature to 70°C.

Finish: Brushed stainless steel.

LED: 9w – 36w LEDs. Symmetric. 4K as standard (3K on request).

Options: RGB, T5, Wall Versions, Asymmetric Versions, Dali.

Manufactured: EU.

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Warning: Groundlite can be glare , slip or burn hazard. Vandalism or accidental breakage can result in electrical, glass or trip hazard. Locate to avoid or minimise these hazards.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

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