LED High Bay
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LED High Bay max 200w (265)

High output LED Industrial High Bay Light with excellent light throw characteristics and low glare. It provides high light levels on vertical surfaces (walls, machines, racking, peoples faces, etc) as well as the horizontal surfaces (floor, table top, etc). Typically light levels are 3 times higher on vertical surfaces compared with a conventional High Bay.

Ideal for general industrial use, this LED Industrial High Bay Light is also suitable for Warehouses – in both the open areas and sometimes in Warehouse Aisles (if Aisle is wide – eg. 4m width or more). Mounting height is typically 5m to 10m. Wider Luminaire spacings are achieved compared with conventional High Bay lighting as a result of the large prismatic lens and the high proportion of light emitted to the side.

Ideal for Food processing areas as it has a non-glass lens, ie. an Acrylic lens.

LED Pendant Industrial luminaire with excellent light throw characteristics providing high vertical light levels. Ideal for general industrial, warehouse, and food industry application.

Construction: IP65 LED optics combined with dropped acrylic Lens refractor permanently sealed to the reflector. IP20 ballast enclosure as standard.

LED Access: LED mounting plate accessable via removal of 8 screws from top side of housing. LED modules servicable.

Gear: Integral (as shown). Remote on request.

LED: Up to 200w LED, 4K, Medium Beam Optics. Temperature -20°C to +40°C.

Options: Metal Halide Pendant version on request. Also available in recessed version (see Cleanbay leaflet). 3hr Emergency packs available on request.

Product Compliance: EN 60598, CE.

Product Leaflet: Download LED Product Leaflet – LED Version, or    Download Metal Halide Product Leaflet – Metal Halide Version

To get a detailed Proposal for your LED High Bay Light project:

Please contact us for Pricing or Design information or to discuss suitability.

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