Light and Motion Sensor
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LED Lighting Sensor Control

LED Lighting Control suitable for Factories, Warehouses, Retail Outlets, Large Rooms, etc.  The System requires the Installation of Sensors in the Ceiling.  These will then communicate wirelessly with the Luminaires.

Sensor Installation: Each IP67 Sensor combines both Daylight and Motion detection. Max Height 18M.  Circular Coverage: Min 6m Height – Ø 36M
Sensor requires 230V electric supply.  Install enough of these Sensors to cover the area to be illuminated and controlled.

Luminaire Installation: As per usual.  Ideally these Luminaires will have a ‘Dali Receiver’ fitted.  For a new Project, VeeLite will supply already fitted.   (For an existing Project, a Remote IP65 Dali Receiver can be installed near the existing Luminaires and wired into the Luminaires). Note 1 Dali Receiver can control up to 64 Luminaires.

DALI Receiver/Luminaire:   The Sensors will connect wirelessly with the Luminaire (or Dali Receiver) – Max distance 150 M.  Optionally, an IP65 DALI Receiver nearby – they connect wirelessly with the Luminaire (Max distance 150 M).

COMMISSIONING:  VeeLite will attend with a Laptop and dedicated software to commission system. Each Luminaire will be programmed to dim or switch on/off when: light levels reach a predetermined high/low level, or when Vacancy/ Occupancy is detected.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

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