Constant Diameter Lighting Column
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Lighting Column – Constant Diameter (803)

Constant Diameter pole in rooted or flanged Version, with optional paint finish. Can be manufactured to client specification and to suit location and/or windage and weight of Luminaire and brackets.

Construction: Galvanised steel construction. Framed Door as standard. Optional Spigot sizes, access doors, brackets, etc.

Base compartment is large enough to offer easy access to the equipment, which can be mounted on the hardwood baseboard within. The compartment has a welded-in frame with recessed weather strip, with a flat steel door fitted and secured by two triangular headed stainless steel bolts.

Installation: Rooted as standard (Flanged on request/base details on request). Planting depth will vary according to soil type. Root section has a bituminous paint applied. Cable slot is 300mm below ground.

Contractor will supply fuse and internal wiring within pole.

Finish: Galvanised Internally and externally to EN ISO 1461 as standard. RAL Finish on request.

Product Compliance: EN 40.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

See Leaflets on Installation of Poles and Guide to Pole types in the Technical Section for further guidance.

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