Heavy Duty High Bay Light
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Heavy Duty High Bay Light (980)


Robust Industrial luminaire ideal for highbay applications including warehouses, power stations, aircraft hangars, sports halls etc.

Construction: One piece reflector of heavy gauge aluminium. Cast aluminium lens frame. IP65.
Fabricated metal IP20 ballast housing as standard. Optional IP65 heavy duty die-cast encapsulated ballast on request.

Lens: 6mm tempered glass as standard. Teflon lens on request.

Lamp Access: Hinged and gasketed lens frame assembly allows convenient access from below.

Installation: Via closed hook

Lamps: 250w to 1000w Metal Halide. 150w to 1000w HPS.

* Litematic: Instant start auxiliary 150w tungsten relay lamp.
* Emergency: 50w 12v lamp fitted
for connection to remote power supply.
* Teflon lens (use with protected
lamp only).
* Remote ballast housing.

Product Compliance: EN 60598.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

To get a detailed Proposal for your High Bay Lighting project:

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