Versatile Yard Light
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Versatile Yard Light (259)


Round area light ideal for Farmyard lighting, domestic, security and general yard lighting.

Construction: Non-corrosive fiberglass bronze housing with open acrylic prismatic refractor. IP43. Adjustable mounting bracket and intregrated photocell.

Installation: Pole, wall or corner mounting, typically at heights of 2.5m to 8m.
Lamps: 50w, 70w HPS or 80w mercury as standard. Other Lamps on request.

Dimensions: 115 x 250 x 335mm high.

Light Output: 5900 lumens from 70w HPS lamp, similar to a 270w Tungsten bulb.
Photocell switches light on at dusk and off at dawn so light only operates at night time.
Long Life Lamp (typically 25,000 hours) so maintenance/relamping is minimal.This is 25 times longer than household bulbs which have a usual life of only 1000 hours.
Energy Costs: Typically 6 cents per night.(Based on 8 hours and night time rate of 8.8c per Kw excl VAT). (Bord Gais Energy March 2014).
Price: €70 plus 23% VAT. Lamp included.Delivery: €10 plus VAT or free on orders over €250. (Mainland Ireland only).

Product Compliance: EN 60598; CE.

Product Leaflet: Download Product Leaflet

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