Upgrading Sport Floodlights

There has never been a better time to upgrade to LED Sports Floodlights 

The introduction of LED Lighting a few years ago for Sports Pitches provided tremendous Energy and Maintenance savings, but Glare was often an issue and the Capital cost was very expensive.  Today, both Glare and cost have been significantly reduced.  LED Floodlights are especially suitable for smaller Pitch sizes, Training Pitches, Walking Tracks, Hurling Walls, Tennis Courts, etc.

For example:  Curracloe United FC with a Soccer Pitch in Co Wexford recently upgraded their Floodlights to LED Floodlights.  VeeLite supplied a Lighting Plan (Design) to show how many Floodlights would be needed and the light levels achieved.  They now have 18 new LED Floodlights, with a mixture of Beam types. The lighting also provides for illumination of the Walkway installed around the Pitch.  The new Pitch lighting is shown below:

Football Pitch with nightime Floodlights

The Walking Track around the Pitch is shown below:

Walking Track illuminated



Levels Required required for Sports Pitch Lighting 

Typically, the light levels required for Gaelic Football,  Soccer or Rugby are 500 Lux (Class 1), 200 Lux (Class 11) or 75 Lux (Class 111).  Hurling has higher requirements because the ball is smaller and moving faster.

Lighting Class 1 refers to National or International competition.  Lighting Class 11 refers to County or principal Local Clubs competition.  Lighting Class 111 refers to local or small club competition or training, or school sports and recreation.

VeeLite can design a solution and supply a cost for the Equipment necessary. (No cost or obligation for this service). We can provide this in a format suitable for Local Authorities or Planning as required.

Note we do not install so you will need to employ a Contractor for this.


The Advantages of LED Sports Floodlights

A typical 50% saving in energy costs (plus a reduction in maximum demand charge), a saving in maintenance and relamping, less flicker/greater quality (especially for Cameras), dimming and the ability to switch on/off instantly.  This later feature provides further energy saving and can also be used for dramatic effect.  It is also invaluable if the lighting is switched off in error, as the older lighting needed to cool down before re-lighting, a typical 20 minute delay.


Government Sports Capital Grants:

Click here for OSCAR (Online Sports Capital Register) which is the only way to apply for a Sports Capital Grant.



To get a Proposal for your Pitch (no Charge or obligation):

Please ring VeeLite (051-875399) or send an email ([email protected])

Sports Pitch lighting

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