Sports Pitch Lighting

Sports Pitch lighting for Football Clubs, such as GAA, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey etc.  As a Sports Lighting Specialist, we assist with the Planning as well as the supply of the Lighting equipment. 

Initially, we typically prepare a Lighting Design (Proposal with Technical drawings) which will show the Light Levels to be achieved and other information. This Design can be used to seek planning permission, a usual requirement for new Projects.  There is generally no cost for preparing this design and it can usually be supplied within a few days. 

Sports Pitch Floodlighting generally involves installation of Lighting Poles located along the 2 Lengths of the Pitch. These lighting Poles typically vary from 10M to 24M high depending on the size of the Pitch (Length x Width) and the lighting requirements – Training or Competition level.  Whilst there are general lighting guidelines specified by regulatory Organisations such as CIBSE, which specify how much light is needed for each Sport, individual Sports Organisations will often specify their own requirements. For convenience, we have included these Guidelines below.  We also include below some typical Training Level Lighting Designs.

Below are 2 examples of Football Pitch lighting – a Soccer Club and a GAA Club – where lighting was designed and later supplied by VeeLite.  In both cases, the Lighting was installed by Local Contractors.

Faythe Harriers GAA

When the new sports pitch lighting for Faythe Harriers Hurling & Camogie Club was opened in 2009, it was described by the Club as ‘exceeding all expectations’.

The new All Weather Pitch is rented out to different clubs for training and matches so it accommodates soccer, rugby and Gaelic football as well as hurling players.

The Sports Pitch lighting is designed to minimise glare and light spill which is a concern for Clubs located in residential and built up areas.

Four 16M rooted lighting columns were installed with floodlights on each, providing 400 lux light level. The Pitch was 80M x 40M.

Sports Pitch Lighting Levels Required

Typically, the light levels required for Gaelic Football,  Soccer or Rugby are 500 Lux (Class 1), 200 Lux (Class 11) or 75 Lux (Class 111).  Hurling has higher requirements because the ball is smaller and moving faster.

Lighting Class 1 refers to National or International competition.  Lighting Class 11 refers to County or principal Local Clubs competition.  Lighting Class 111 refers to local or small club competition or training, or school sports and recreation.

Sports Pitch lighting

LED Sports Pitch Floodlights

With the advent of LED lighting, additional advantages are provided – such as a typical 50% saving in energy costs (plus a reduction in maximum demand charge), a saving in maintenance and relamping, less flicker/greater quality (especially for Cameras), dimming and the ability to switch on/off instantly.  This later feature provides further energy saving and can also be used for dramatic effect.  It is also invaluable if the lighting is switched off in error, as the older lighting needed to cool down before re-lighting, a typical 20 minute delay.


Curracloe United FC

The nearby  Curracloe United FC Soccer Pitch was relighted with LED Floodlights in 2019.  The LED Sports Floodlights for this Project consisted of 18 x 300w LED Floodlights, with a mixture of Beam types. The lighting also provides for illumination of the Walkway installed around the Pitch.  The new Pitch lighting is shown below:

Football Pitch with nightime Floodlights

Walking Track illuminated


Click here for typical LIGHTING DESIGNS /Training Pitch Layouts

Link to FAI Ireland Floodlighting Guidelines

Click here for FA England Floodlighting Guidelines

Click here for GAA Floodlighting Guidelines (see Page 130)

Click here for RFU England Floodlighting Guidelines



Government Sports Capital Grants:

Click here for OSCAR (Online Sports Capital Register) which is the only way to apply for a Sports Capital Grant.



To Get a Proposal for your Sports Pitch Lighting (without Charge or obligation):

Please ring VeeLite (051-875399) or send an email ([email protected])

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