Lighting Upgraded to LED

2019 – Charlesland Retail Centre in Bray, Co Wicklow has upgraded its External Lighting to LED.   The original Lighting was supplied in 2004 and was still operating well.  However, the upgrade provides the Energy Saving benefits of LED as well as an improved quality of lighting.   The photo below shows LED Car Park Lights on 6M Columns.   Four Luminaires are required to illuminate this Car Park.

Daytime Photo of Carpark Lighting

Along the side of the Building, LED Floodlights are installed to illuminate the Ramp leading to the Ground Floor Entrance area.   These Floodlights have anti-bird spikes to prevent bird droppings.  Such protection can be added to most Luminaires on request.

Photo of Ramp with nearby Wall mounted Floodlights

Photo of Floodlight with Anti-bird spikes

Outside the Complex, which is situated within a residential neighbourhood, the road lighting consists of VeeLites LED Street lights:

Daytime photo of Street lights in a residential area.

VeeLite offers a wide range of external lighting and can provide detailed drawings to show resulting Lighting Levels on Site drawings (Autocad/DWG).  For a Project proposal, please forward a Drawing to VeeLite or ring us for alternative options.

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