Walking Track Lighting

Football and Sports Clubs are continually upgrading their facilities, including their lighting systems. Pitches typically require new LED Floodlights, but Walking Track Lighting can often be a choice of LED Floodlights, LED Streetlights or LED Bollards. VeeLite plans the optimum solution using software to minimise the number of Lights required and minimise the Energy load, but maximise the Light levels and ensure an adequate spread of Light along the Walkway.

The recent upgrade at Curracloe United FC in County Wexford consisted of upgrading the existing Pitch Floodlights with 18 new LED Sports Floodlights from VeeLite.  These new Floodlights also provide the Walking Track lighting around the Pitch.  Walkers can use this facility safely during daylight or night time and there is a large Net to separate the Pitch from the Track.  For Parents or other Spectators, they can walk around the Pitch, improving their own fitness, whilst their kids etc play nearby.  They can also view a Match or any Training session in progress.

Walking Track Lighting

The Track and Pitch seen from a distance:

Football Pitch with nightime Floodlights

At Rathangan AFC, LED Streetlights were installed on the Walkway around the Perimeter of the Grounds.  This is a dedicated Walking Track Lighting system for the Walkway only and excluding the nearby Pitches.  Because of this Streetlighting was more appropriate and LED optics were used which were suitable for a narrow Pathway and wide spacings between the Poles.

Walking Track Lighting

Walkway Lighting

At KIlmore Quay in County Wexford, a system of 2m High Bollards was employed.  These provide a wider spread than standard Bollards (typically only 1M high), but is less obtrusive than using lighting Poles.  The possibility of Vandalism or Accidental damage may need to be considered in some locations.

2m Light Bollards

In occasional circumstances, it may be appropriate for the Lighting to be set back from the Track or recessed/semi-recessed for safety or aesthetic reasons.  Glare, planning permission, budgets and other factors all come in to play and are considered in the planning of Walking Track lighting projects.

Pathway lighting

VeeLite has designed and supplied LED lighting installations for a wide range of Sports Pitches, Walking Tracks, Greenways and other Sports facilities.  We offer a Design and Quotation service for Clubs and/or Contractors etc.  

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