Wall Lighting

Flannerys Hotel in Galway installed new LED Wall Lights in 2016.  These Decorative Wall Lights are rectangular shaped Luminaires which provide both uplight and downlight as can be seen in the Photos below.  The Lighting provided offers a choice of optics, including narrow Beam, medium Beam or Wide Beam or a mix, for example a Narrow Beam up and a Wide Beam down.  This Industrial strength Wall Light provides a high lumen (light) output, up to 50w LED and is also available in a Ceiling mounted version.

Decorative Wall Light for Hotels


This Wall Floodlight can be supplied in different RAL finishes to help it blend with the local Facade.

Facade Wall lights


Uplighter and Downlighter Wall Light

VeeLite can advise on what Luminaire, optics and output to use.  In some cases, we can provide samples or a Demo.

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