Warehouse Lighting Guide


• Typically 1m to 3m wide with high racking on both sides.

• Typically each individual aisle is empty most of the time. For example, in a warehouse with 10 aisles but only 3 staff, each Aisle has to be empty a minimum of 70% of the time.

• For aisles with high vacancy rates, luminaires with occupancy control should be used (eg. Racklyters).

• When a person (or a forklift etc) moves under a Sensor, the overhead luminaire will switch on instantly.

• A delay can be set on the sensor (5 seconds, 2 minutes, etc) so the luminaire stays on for a period after the person has moved away from the sensor detection area.

• The sensors supplied will vary depending on the height of the luminaires and the area of coverage required.

• Typically VeeLite Racklyters are used from 6m to 15m.

• Sensors can also be supplied so that all luminaires in any area will switch on/off together instead of individually.

• Instead of Switching off, lights can be dimmed.  Automatic Dimming at Certain times is also possible.  


Open Areas

• Height of luminaires will determine which luminaire to use. Usually, these areas are constantly busy and sensor control is not required.

• Widebays are usually used up to 10-12m and above this IL Series luminaires.


Light Levels

• Depends on the type of work being carried out, but typically 100 to 300 Lux.

• If smaller objects or labels need to be read, a higher light level is needed, and vice versa. We always recommend white light.


IP Rating

• In areas where the product may be contaminated by dirt/dust etc, luminaires will need to have sealed optics.

• If there is any danger of explosive dust etc, special explosion proof lighting may be required.

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