The nature of electrical Products means defective Luminaires, including batches of defective Luminaires, can be expected to arise occasionally.  To avoid confusion when this arises, to clarify procedures, and to keep equipment at a reasonable selling cost, we outline below the details of our standard Off-site Warranty. This will be adequate for many if not most customers.  However, for customers with difficult access, and/or no maintenance staff or equipment on site, an On-site Warranty may be preferred.  Because the risks and costs can vary significantly depending on the Project, we quote individually for an On-Site Warranty.  Eg.  An On-site Warranty on 1 Luminaire installed in a Factory at 30m height, in a remote location may be more expensive than an on-site warranty for 50 Luminaires which are easily accessible.

Standard VeeLite Limited 2 Year Off-Site Warranty:

This Warranty is offered by VeeLite for Veelite lighting equipment purchased directly from VeeLite and installed within the UK or Ireland.  The Warranty period will be 2 Years unless otherwise stated on the Sales Contract.

This is an Off-Site Warranty, ie. The Purchaser will return to VeeLite Waterford, any Products reported to be defective.  If found on examination to be defective, VeeLite will offer repair or replacement or reimburse Purchaser for the purchase price, at its own option. The Warranty will not cover costs such as removal or re-installation costs or any costs or expenses such as labour cost, expenses, temporary lighting costs, loss of profits, or any other cost whatsoever.   VeeLite will pay the return cost of Freight if the Product has been found to be defective.  In this circumstance, we will also refund the initial cost of Freight in returning the goods, so long as it is reasonable.

The Warranty will not apply to Luminaires installed or operated incorrectly, to Luminaires damaged on site, or damaged in an exceptional manner or ‘act of god’.  Problems caused by Electrical supply variations such as Spikes, over/under voltage etc will be at the customers risk.

The Warranty period will apply from the date of the Invoice.

Any variation of Warranty offered is only valid if advised in writing on the Sales Contract documents.  Any warranty claims are to be made in writing within 30 days of discovery with basic information such as Original Invoice details, Number of type of products faulty, nature of defect, etc.

Third Party Products will not be covered by this Warranty, but by the Manufacturer’s Warranty.  This is typically Poles, Photocells, lamps, remote Drivers or Gear, etc.

If requested, the customer will return one Product to VeeLite for examination.

If requested, a VeeLite Representative must be facilitated in visiting the site and inspecting the suspected faulty equipment, without any charge from the customer. The Customer will supply or pay for any access equipment equipment necessary and any other site costs to comply with customers health and safety or other procedures, as well as facilitating switching on/off luminaires as required during inspection.

If the Terms or period of this Warranty is not adequate for the Customer, the Customer should request a Warranty of longer durations and such Terms as required – See below.

In the event of replacement Product being supplied, the unexpired part of the original Warranty will apply.

Please note our Quotes are prepared without reference to any lighting calculation previously offered, so it is the customers responsibility to seek an on-site Warranty if he/she decides the standard warranty is not sufficient.


Optional VeeLite Limited On Site Warranty of Variable Duration  – Please contact VeeLite with details of the Project and we will quote accordingly, or complete and return the attached On-Site Warranty Application Form.

An On-Site Warranty will be as per our Standard Warranty above, except VeeLite will go to site and effect repair or replacement of the suspected defective goods.  While there may be an extra cost in many situations, this will depend on many factors including the geographical location, the on-site location and accessibility of equipment, the type and quantity of equipment, availability of access equipment on site or any timing restrictions, the ease of connecting/disconnecting power from the Luminaires, the customers health and safety and other site requirements or restrictions which may make access difficult, the availability and cost to VeeLite of any  Maintenance staff employed by the Customer on site, time restrictions on access, etc.

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